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Ok, let's list some facts that we all know but don't realize how we can profit from:

1) The internet is a MULTI-BILLION dollar economy.

2) Websites are virtual real estate, which means that they have value !

3) Flipping houses has been a VERY profitable enterprise for the selected few who were smart enough to see and use its potential. The drawback: it requires a big initial capital and is very sensitive to market conditions.

How can we combine the three? You guessed it! ... Flipping websites for a profit!

In My 6 Video Series, You Will Discover.....

 check  How I Can Turn $8 Into $100, $200, $300, Or Even $1000 A Day!!!

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 check  If You Want To Learn How To Flip Websites, You Need To Watch This Video Series

  You will also learn how to turn flipping websites into a full time business. I show you how to turn this idea into a $5000 a week business. This is one of  the easiest ways to make Instant Paypal Cash.

Best Regards,
JD Swanson ( the Instant-Cash guy)

Testimonial #1

As the owner of I see a lot of "fast cash" ideas every day. This is one of the few that actually works. It's AMAZING!

I love your teaching style and your step by step approach from beginning to end.
I would definetely recommend it to anyone who wants to explore this amazing opportunity for fast profit.

Thanks for sharing your secrets with us!

Michael Dunlop


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UPDATE 1:  Many people have contacted me thinking that they need to know html and be technically oriented to be able to reproduce the easy steps outlined in the videos.
My answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!

In fact, I teach you where and how to automate the steps without ANY technical knowledge whatsoever.
Do you know how to use a keyboard? If yes, then you can easily follow my steps.

If I can do it so can you! Believe me, I am not a techie, I am a business person - and not a hard working one either! This is all about smart business thinking, not technical knowledge.

Still thinking about it?... Why? I am so confident that this series will give you the extra edge you need that I offer you a

                 8 Week full-refund money back guarantee !!!

That's right! You have 8 weeks to watch the videos and if you are not completely satisifed I'll refund you 100% - no questions asked !

And if you ever need some extra coaching you have access to my personal email to contact me with any questions that you may have.

UPDATE 2: I just added 2 ebooks that summarize and complement the videos as a BONUS for my customers:

  1. The How To Flip Websites Report
  2. How To Get A Top 10 Listing In Google And Msn For $9

Remember: time is money, so stop wasting it and go get the videos that will be the key to your financial comfort.

  Testimonial #2

I think this has to be the easiest method to make easy money. I have bought endless e-books, lots of products, but this information GUIDES you by the hand. The videos are amazing, and even a newbie without any experience can do this.

I recommend this course to everyone because this is another weapon you can have in your Internet Marketing arsenal and make lots of money from. I love the style of teaching by JD and his methods.



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Testimonial #3

I just bought this from you JD and to be honest, I thought it can't be all that good for $39.

I have to say, having been through the whole thing I'm delighted with the value. Showing exactly how to do something as clearly as JD has is fantastic.


Testimonial #4


Just watched the vids, and they are very well done! This is indeed a very simple method that anyone could take and run with.


Testimonial #5

"Ok, I'm offically happy now since that auction went so well. Although I've had a couple of people PM me and tell me I sold it too low.

One of the guys that got outbid sent me a PM and asked me to please let him know when I had another content site ready to sell because he might want to buy it for BIN before I even listed it, so that is cool.

Thanks so much! I would have never thought of creating content sites and selling them if I had not joined your site. Joining your site was the best decision I've made since getting into internet marketing.

Thanks again,


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